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Compatibility Report

Compatibility Report

Imagine a map of the cosmos, capturing the precise planetary coordinates at the moment of your birth. Now, when we overlay another person's map onto yours, we can observe where their planets were positioned in relation to yours. This process involves comparing and analyzing the aspects between two birth charts, exploring how different areas of your lives interact.

For a detailed report on compatibility, including synastry aspects and house placements, the cost is $80.

Payment can be made through the website, or you can book a reading, and I will reach out to confirm and collect payment. Following your purchase, I will contact you via email to gather chart information.

What if you don't know your birth time? Not to worry! Sun sign astrology is popular for a reason. Although the techniques I can use may be limited, I can still provide you with valuable insights.

Gift the Stars:

Make your loved ones' special occasions memorable with an astrology reading. It's not only a thoughtful birthday gift but also a wonderful way to support small businesses during the holiday season. Upon request, gift certificates can include a personal copy of your loved one's birth chart.

Let the stars illuminate the paths of connection and understanding between you and your loved ones.

  • Delivery

    The Report will be emailed to you within 1-3 weeks of date of purchase. 

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