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Advanced Chart Reading
  • Advanced Chart Reading

    Unlock the depths of your personal birth chart with a personalized and in-depth chart reading. Choose any specific part of your chart that you'd like to explore, and I'll provide detailed analysis and insights. This includes a Q&A session where you can ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of your unique placements.


    The reading can be conducted through Zoom for an interactive experience, or via email/messenger if that's more convenient for you.


    I highly recommend this reading if you've already received your Personal Birth Chart and are curious about delving into specific placements and how they impact you and interact with the rest of your chart.

    Or, if you have prior knowledge of your birth chart and would like a comprehensive analysis of particular placements and aspects.


    Why should you get an astrology reading?

    An astrology reading offers invaluable insights into your personality, patterns, and all areas of your life. It also reveals the current cosmic energies and helps you understand whether it's a time to focus on your career or take a leap of faith. While we have free will, astrology helps us strategize so that our efforts and energy align with the optimal cosmic timing.

    If you've ever wondered why you're unique or why your life unfolds differently from others, an astrology reading can be incredibly affirming.


    I will reach out to you via email to gather your chart information and schedule the reading.

    Don't worry if you don't know your birth time. Sun sign astrology is still popular and insightful, although it may limit the techniques I can use in the reading.


    Gift the Stars:

    Make someone's day truly special with an astrology reading as a memorable gift! It's not only a thoughtful birthday gift but also a wonderful way to support small businesses during the holiday season. Upon request, gift certificates can include a personalized copy of the recipient's birth chart.



    Payment can be made through our website, or you can book a session and I will contact you to confirm and collect payment. After your purchase, I will follow up with an email containing further instructions.

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